Our Process

We have designed the process of acquiring loans and generating wealth in such a manner that it feels less strenuous.

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Requirement gathering for wealth management

Learn about your requirement

Learning about your requirement is important to us, whether it is for your wealth management or for securing a loan. This would give you an idea of the interest rates, monthly payments and other transaction fees that go with our service

Our consultants will explain all the detail, and provide you with everything you should know, in simple language.

Application process for wealth management


Once you have listed down your need. We’ll walk you through the application process, asking simple questions that would help us to add a structure to wealth or the loan requirement you just gave us.

Documents gathering for wealth management

Gathering required documents

This is rather the first stage towards getting the process started. Most of the delays in process time are related to this section. However, we get our consultants to proactively gather all the required documents before starting the actual application process.

Also, our consultants would work with you and help you sort any issue that might arise due to compliance.

Document signoff for wealth management

Document sign-off

Once all the documents are collected and checked for correctness, the next step would be a sign-off. This is the stage where you get to review the documents and pay the standard application fee for the processing to begin.

Closure for wealth management

Success and Closure

We work on your behalf in helping you find the best possible portfolio for investment or the best possible financial institution that offer a good credit. We’ll take care of everything and you’ll have a great experience.

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Wealth Advisors.  SME Loans.  Mortgages.