Wealth Advisors

We all earn and accumulate wealth for various reasons, right from making a decent living, to provide security for our dependents, and what not. But do all these things happen immediately when we have our income in place?

We need a proper plan to make these expectations a reality. Your existence and future of your loved ones depends on how well you plan your wealth management with your existing finances. To help you with this thought, we at Estatemakers take the role of your personal wealth advisors and identify your existing cash management plans and map it with your future needs.

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Two Important Aspects of Wealth Advisors

Investment management and Risk management are two core items that our wealth advisors take care when looking at your portfolio.

Investment Management

Understanding the finances to manage investments is a key to maximizing your financial goals. Investments in real estates, mutual funds, stocks markets, bonds, insurance, deposits and small savings have to be managed regularly to maintain a healthy return on investment.

Risk Management

Understanding the risks to cover insurance is a key to controlling your financial losses. We cover Insurance services from Individual to Corporates, Term to Keyman Insurance, Mediclaim to Group Medical policy, Home to Industrial Insurance. All risks have to be covered regularly to maintain a healthy return on investment.

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